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We at Buddha's would like to thank our customers for your years of support. You have made us what we are today.

   Who gets tattooed? Bikers and sailors right? WRONG!!! Sure bikers and sailors get tattooed but so do a lot of other people. We at Buddha's have tattooed police officers, lawyers, teachers, business owners, millionaires, and even grandmother's. The next time you get on your high horse about someone who chooses to place the art that they purchase on their skin rather than on their wall remember they could be the next person to write you a ticket or teach your child a new skill.

   Why do they get tattooed? People get tattooed for as many reasons as there are types of people that get tattooed. Some to  create a bond with another person, others to memorialize someone very dear to them, and still others to mark a significant point in their life. Whether a person's tattoo is there to signify some philosophical belief or to let everyone know that they like the Pittsburgh Steelers no one has any right to ridicule them.



My mom and I would like to express a sincere appreciation to Pat & Mario for all of the work they do and time they devote to the studio. Rob is both a Tattooing and a Piercing Artist at Buddha's. You can find his work in many tattoo magazines. Its tattoos only for Joan.  She's an award winning Tattoo Artist. Wonder why she doesn't pierce.  Joan says she wouldn't do anything to anyone that she wouldn't have done to herself.

Pat is a Piercing Artist at Buddha's. He been working for us since 1994.

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