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Caring for your new investment

Your tattoo is an open sore and is very susceptible to infection!!!!! The outcome or final result of the look/appearance of the tattoo is your aftercare. All tattoo studios use different inks; therefore their aftercare will be different. Do not intermix or use other products not suggested by your artist for this tattoo.


Please follow these instructions:


  1. Leave bandaged for 2-4 hours.

  2. Ice tattoo with bagged ice for 20 min., 5x per day.

  3. Remove bandage "gently." Do not pull bandage off.

  4. Wash with warm soap and water DO NOT SCRUB TATTOO) and re-bandage with a tefla non-stick bandage. DO NOT USE GAUZE!!!! IT STICKS!!!!

  5. Wash tattoo 2 times daily with warm soap and water.

  6. Keep tattoo bandaged for at least 24 hours up to 48 hours.

  7. After 3-4 days apply Curel Original formula lotion. If it burns wait 24 more hours before applying again.

  8. Any questions call Buddha's Body Art @ 814-833-0439. www.buddhas.com www.myspace.com/buddhasbodyart




This is a series of ear piercings that were also done by Rob.

Caring for your new piercing

All piercings take six to twelve months to heal.

Your piercings are open sores. Therefore, you are susceptible to infections!!! You must clean your piercings at least two times a day until it is healed.

Piercing Care Index

Oral Piercing Care
All Other Piercings
Common Problems with Piercing
Signs of Infection in your Piercing

Oral Piercing Care

  1. Ice Piercing: With ice chips, ice cubes, freeze pops, ice cream, or anything frozen for up to 48 hours. The more often you ice it the more you lessen the amount of pain, bleeding, and swelling.

  2. Brush Teeth: At least 2x per day. Rinse with a 50/50 mix of water and Listerene mouth wash 2 times a day.

  3. Eat: Soft foods for one week.

  4. NO: Alcohol or aspirin.

  5. DO NOT: Change jewelry for 3-4 weeks.

  6. DO: Tighten and check balls daily.

  7. Swelling and pain are normal.

  8. Any questions call Buddha's Body Art @ 814-833-0439. www.buddhas.com www.myspace.com/buddhasbodyart

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All Other Piercings


  1. Clean piercings with clean hads 2x daily with liquid soap, just as you would wash your hands.

  2. Causes of Infection:

    1. YOUR HANDS: DO NOT touch, turn, rotate, or play with your jewelry UNLESS you are cleaning it. When you turn a piercing you tear it. Lubricate it with soap and water before you turn it!!!!

    2. YOUR BED/FURNITURE: Any surface that is not cleared on a daily basis. Bandage or cover with a clean t-shirt.

    3. CHANGING YOUR JEWELRY TOO SOON: Wait until the piercing is completely healed before changing it. Most take up to 6 months.

  3. DO NOT: Apply any creams, ointments, alcohol, peroxide, or sea salt. If sea salt worked we would all wash our hands in sea salt.

  4. Signs of Infection: Prolonged redness, tenderness, puss, or bubble formations are all sign of infection. Take a multi-vitamin to promote healing!!! Tanning is good for a piercing.

  5. Any questions call Buddha's Body Art @ 814-833-0439. www.buddhas.com www.myspace.com/buddhasbodyart

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Common Problems with Piercings

  1. Infection

  2. Allergic Reaction

  3. Rejection

  4. Keloids

  5. Bleeding (oral piercings)

  6. Swelling (oral piercings)

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Signs of Infection of Your Piercing

  1. Prolonged Redness

  2. Prolonged Tenderness

  3. Secretions of a dark fallow (green/yellow) color

  4. A bubble formation

  5. Prolonged swelling (oral piercings)

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