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The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority at Buddha's Body Art. We pride ourselves in the safety measures we take. Whether you come to our studio or choose to get your tattoo or piercing elsewhere there are some things you should look for in the facility you select.


There are two types of sterilizers that you may find in a tattoo studio. The first is an Autoclave Sterilizer and the second is a Dry Heat Sterilizer.

An Autoclave Sterilizer is the approved an accepted method used for sterilizing surgical instruments. It is 100% safe!! An Autoclave Sterilizer uses pressurized steam heat to kill any disease causing bacteria. This is the type of sterilizer that you should make sure the studio has and uses.

Caution!!! Just because they have one doesn't mean it works. Ask to see if they have documentation, from a third party, proving that the sterilizer functions properly and is maintained on a regular basis.

A Dry Heat Sterilizer resembles a toaster oven and is not accepted or approved by the medical community. Why? It does not create the level of heat or pressure required to kill many disease causing bacteria. It is considered to be only 60-80% effective AND has only a 20-40% chance of killing AIDS or Hepatitis. I don't know about you but a tattoo or piercing is not worth my life.

    Note: Assimilated sterilization such as bleach, boiling, open flame, and boric acid ARE NOT effective. Also, don't be fooled into thinking an ultra-sound cleaner will do the job. Just ask to see the water that the instruments are sitting in and you'll know what I mean.

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My Tattoo Artist Uses New Needles!!!

I can't tell you how many time we've heard that one. New needles MUST be sterilized before they are used. Stop and think for a moment about the person making or packaging the needle that is going to enter your body. Do you know how many time they picked their nose today? Or went to the bathroom and didn't wash their hands?

New needles don't come from the factory sterilized, there are no regulations that require them to be sterilized.

For your own safety DO NOT get tattooed by anyone that does not sterilizer their equipment.

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Safety Measures You Should Require From Your Tattooist

  1.  A tattooist or piercer should explain all safety measures in detail and prove the techniques to you before the tattooing or piercing starts.

  2. Make sure the autoclave sterilizer works and the tattooist or piercer has documentation to prove it has been serviced in the last year.

  3. All needles, tubes and other equipment should be individually wrapped with an indicator mark to prove sterilization.

  4. The tattoo machine or piercing equipment should be assembled in front of you to ensure you are getting a clean, sterile tube and needle.

  5. All inks should be in individual disposable caps and discarded after use.

  6. All piercing sharps should be discarded after use.

  7. The tattooist or piercer should be wearing gloves while working in any situation involving blood.

  8. Plastic bags should be used for waste disposal.

  9. Any tattooing or piercing of private areas should be performed in a private setting.

  10. Consult your physician concerning the above procedures before getting a tattoo or piercing.

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