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This is the third year we've attended the Sturgis Rally. This year we attended the rally with some other well known tattoo artists in the country. We would like to thank Alien of Alien's Images-N-Skin, Kevin of Shadowline Tattooing, and Joe of Smokin' Joe's Tattoos for working with us this year. We met some very special new people this year as well as having the opportunity to see some people we've worked on at the past Sturgis rallies.

sturgis-shop001.jpg (33101 bytes)
Our Shop in Sturgis
sturgis-shop003.jpg (40734 bytes)
Our Shop In Sturgis
alien001.jpg (18870 bytes)
alien002&local girls.jpg (27961 bytes)
Alien & 2 Local Ladies that helped pass out flyers.
smokin joe001.jpg (22770 bytes)
Smokin' Joe
thewall.jpg (20988 bytes)
The Wall
Thanks to Jake for keeping
jake001.jpg (35566 bytes)
everything running at Sturgis!!!
jamie001.jpg (16813 bytes)
Jamie - Crew
pj001.jpg (6979 bytes)
PJ - Crew
mario001.jpg (14368 bytes)
Mario - Crew
robs-pride.jpg (28284 bytes)
Rob's Work
This tattoo was done by Rob on a Texas Gentleman
texan(alan).jpg (33971 bytes)
that comes to Sturgis yearly to be tattooed by Rob.
The Texas Gentleman,
texan&son.jpg (24248 bytes)
 his son...
texas family.jpg (29852 bytes)
... and daughter-in-law
Christy, Co-Owner of Schopp's Knife Works
christy001.jpg (20211 bytes)
and a fellow tattoo artist.

christy003.jpg (27220 bytes)
Enlarged view of Christy's Tattoo

christy002.jpg (25263 bytes)
Tattoo that Rob did on Christy

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